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What is Mesolithic age?

"Mesolithic" means "Middle Stone Age." However, the prefix "meso-" in the word can mean "between," and this has been taken some scientists to refer to cultures in between a hu (MORE)

What did mesolithic people do?

Mesolithic folks were often semi-nomadic. They had family and friends and lived either in groups that moved around or began permanent larger villages, even up to 8,000 people (MORE)

Who are the mesolithic people?

is the mesolithic people are same as moses people who were with him when they skeep from egypt cause according to the nomad stories they are from sinai fhat came from egypt th (MORE)

What proof of Mesolithic period?

Well, People found things in the ground, deep deep down, Then they took these things to get analysed, and because of technology these days it was able to tell them the dates o (MORE)

What tools were in the mesolithic era?

most of the tools where made of bronze, wood , stone, and iron. i am sure there are many more items they use for weapons but those are the most items they use to make stuff.
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When did the mesolithic periond come?

the mesolithic people came to Ireland 7000bc. mesolithic means middle stone age. they used stone tools for dowing their work. the are olso callde hunter-gatherers.the came fro (MORE)

What does the word mesolithic mean?

Before humans learned metalworking, they used stone for their tools. The very long period of time during which people used stone tools is called the Stone Age. It is divided i (MORE)