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How does Mesolithic differ from Neolithic?

They are two different time periods. "Meso" means middle, so  Mesolithic was the middle stone age, and "Neo" means new, so  Neolithic was the newer or more recent (younger) (MORE)

Were the mesolithic people nomadic?

yes they were nomadic. but they were still able to stay in one place for longer then the people in the Paleolithic times because the learned how to harvest some food like whea (MORE)
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What did mesolithic people wear?

Mesolithic people wore clothing such as, furs, and hides. They  decorated there clothes by using beads.

What proof of Mesolithic period?

Well, People found things in the ground, deep deep down, Then they took these things to get analysed, and because of technology these days it was able to tell them the dates o (MORE)

Did the mesolithic age use stone tools?

The simple answer is probably "yes". Meso means "between". "Lithic" means stone. So.. let me think... middle stone. Well almost. You asked "Did the Mesolithic age (MORE)

How did Mesolithic people get food?

The Mesolithic Age (also called the Middle Stone Age) was the  period in which people started to domesticate animals an which saw  the earliest and still very primitive begi (MORE)