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What is Mesolithic age?

  "Mesolithic" means "Middle Stone Age." However, the prefix "meso-" in the word can mean "between," and this has been taken some scientists to refer to cultures in betwee (MORE)

What were some weapons used by Mesolithic?

  The most important weapon of the mesolithic was undoubtedly the bow, though the atlatl continued in use in some areas. Hand to hand weapons included clubs and spears, an (MORE)

What did mesolithic people do?

  Mesolithic folks were often semi-nomadic. They had family and friends and lived either in groups that moved around or began permanent larger villages, even up to 8,000 p (MORE)

Who are the mesolithic people?

is the mesolithic people are same as moses people who were with him when they skeep from egypt cause according to the nomad stories they are from sinai fhat came from egypt th (MORE)