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Why was the Mesopotamian Religion was created?

because they had little knowledge of how things happen and why, so they (just like everyone els) created deities that filled in the holes. "why does water fall from the sky?" (MORE)

What was the religion of the Mesopotamians?

The Mesopotamians believed in many gods. Every city had its own special god. They worshipped the forces of nature like the sun, rain, moon and stars. The king was the chief pr (MORE)

What did Mesopotamians eat?

Mesopotamians ate meat (pigs, chickens, cows, doves, ducks, geese, gazelles, Oryx, ibex, wild bulls, boars, hares, sheep, onagers, a type of donkey), unleavened bread/flat bre (MORE)

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How did the religion of the israelites differ from the religion of the mesopotamians?

Judaism differed from other ancient religions in the followingways: 1) It was the only religion in which God spoke to the entireassembled nation (Exodus ch.19) of over two mil (MORE)