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Why do you have a messenger RNA?

messenger RNA (mRNA) is a copy of genomic DNA that codes for a specific protein. DNA cannot leave the nucleus and enter the cytoplasm, where ribosomes make the proteins. There (MORE)

What is the function of messenger RNA?

  The function of messenger RNA is to carry copies of the instructions for assembling amino acids into proteins to the rest of the cell or, more specifically, to the ribos (MORE)

How are RNA and messenger RNA related?

RNA is a nucleic acid,messenger RNA is a form of RNA that carries the instructions for making a protein form a gene and delivers it to the site of translation
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How do rna and messenger rna relate?

mRNA, or messenger RNA is a type of RNA responsible for carrying a copy of DNA from the nucleus to the ribosomes. There are 3 types of RNA - mRNA, tRNA and rRNA. tRNA (transfe (MORE)