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What is the messiah?

It is another name for Jesus Answer 2 From the Hebrew root word mashach, meaning smear, and so anoint. Messiah means anointed or anointed one. The Greek equivalent is Khristo ( Full Answer )
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What is a messiah?

A messiah is one of two things. It is a either a deliverer ofpeople, or it is the accepted or professed leader of a cause oridea. This is the definition for the uncapitalized ( Full Answer )
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What is Messiah?

Messiah comes from Hebrew "Meshijah" meaning anointed by God - chosen one. Anointing was ritual of smearing oil on chosen ones - kings and highest priests in ancient Israel as ( Full Answer )
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Who is the waiting messiah and Can messiah be a woman?

The idea of 'maschiach' (which means 'anointed') originated in Judaism. The Jewish Maschiach will be a normal, human man; he must fulfill the 23 Jewish messianic prophecies be ( Full Answer )
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Where is Messiah?

In heaven until he comes back again. Jesus already came down once to save us.
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Do Sikhs have a messiah?

No in the sense of a Christian or Jewish Messiah. We have 11spiritual Gurus which we recognize as one light. 10 humans 1 is greater than human 1. Guru Nanak Dev Ji 2. Guru A ( Full Answer )
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Who was Messiahs?

Yahoshua or Yashua is the Messiah. When Yashua asked his disciples who does the people think He is, Simon was inspired by the Father Almighty to declare: "You are the Messiah, ( Full Answer )
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Why is messiah called the messiah?

The word messiah has come from the the word "SIAHAT" which means tourism.Ibn-e-Mariam was called messiah because of his tourist altitude.Jesus used to move from one place to o ( Full Answer )
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What is the messiah about?

The Messiah, (Jesus Christ) is about Human Beings being reconciled back to God. Jesus came to earth as a man to die for mankind's sin so that man would have a way back to God. ( Full Answer )
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What was a messiah?

Messiah is a Hebrew word which means "anointed". The prophecies ofa coming spiritual leader who will establish a new age come frommany prophets, primarily Isaiah, and are trea ( Full Answer )