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Is Jesus the Messiah?

Answer 1 Yes. One reason so many think this is so, is because of the manyMessianic prophecies He explicitly fulfilled. Some have calculatedthe statistical possibility of some (MORE)

Who composed The Messiah?

George Frideric Handel.   Born in Saxony, prior to him becoming a naturalised British subject in 1726, his name was Georg Friedrich Händel.
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What are the mirthful messiahs?

The Mirthful Messiahs are the being that Gamzee and Kurloz Makara along the other subjuggulators (a fictional alien religion) in the popular internet webcomic, Homestuck, By A (MORE)

What does Messiah mean?

Answer   The word 'Messiah' comes from the Hebrew word ' Mashiach' in the Old Testament meaning 'anointed' and originally applied to the kings of Israel who were anointed (MORE)

Who is the Christian messiah?

...jesus Mt:16:16: And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.    Christ is the Greek word for messiah.    The answer is J (MORE)

What is the messiah complex?

  An extremely egotist attitude. Someone with a messiah complex believes he has the solution to all problems and no other person's opinion even needs to be considered.
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What is the messiah?

It is another name for Jesus Answer 2 From the Hebrew root word mashach, meaning smear, and so anoint. Messiah means anointed or anointed one. The Greek equivalent is Khristo (MORE)

What is Messiah?

Messiah comes from Hebrew "Meshijah" meaning anointed by God - chosen one. Anointing was ritual of smearing oil on chosen ones - kings and highest priests in ancient Israel as (MORE)

Who is the Jewish Messiah?

  The Jewish Messiah has not revealed himself yet (and may not even be born yet) and therefore nobody knows who he is.   What we do know is that he will be a regular mo (MORE)
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Do Sikhs have a messiah?

No in the sense of a Christian or Jewish Messiah. We have 11  spiritual Gurus which we recognize as one light.    10 humans 1 is greater than human    1. Guru N (MORE)