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What is messianic?

Jewish answer: There is a Christian Evangelical Cult whose members call themselves Messianic 'Jews'. They claim to be 'Jewish' and they state that 'real Jews worship Jesus'. (MORE)

What is Messianic faith?

Messianic Jews believe that Jesus, or more appropriately Yeshua orYoheshua, is the messiah promised to them in the Bible. Thedifference between Christians and Messianic Jews i (MORE)

What is messianic judaism?

The term "Messianic Judaism" was coined by Christian groups in their attempt to convert Jews to Christianity, primarily the Southern Baptists. Their theory was that it would b (MORE)
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What does the messianics believe?

The arrival of a messiah to save the world from imminent hidden perils. Messianics are Christians and believe all Christian doctrine.
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What are messianic Jews?

"Messianic Jews", as this contributor understands it, are those who have accepted Jesus as their lord and savior, and at the same time, consider themselves Jews and claim (MORE)
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What does it mean to be messianic?

Today, the term Messianic has been adopted by various Christian groups that claim to be Jews who believe in Jesus. Their logic is that it would be easier to get Jews to conver (MORE)
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What is the messianic mystery?

The Messianic Mystery refers to the fact that Jesus heals, preaches, and teaches, He instructs His followers not to tell others about His miraculous works when they go out to (MORE)

What is a messianic socialist?

A Messianic Socialist is a follower or person or group that shares its beliefs in a Messianic or "coming Messiah" that will make change and victory in the name and idea of Soc (MORE)

What is the Messianic secret?

A: The 'messianic secret' refers in Mark's Gospel to the repeated instructions of Jesus to his followers, those he healed, and sometimes even to demons, not to tell others ab (MORE)