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What is a dogs metabolism?

An animals Metabolism is their energy level and how quickly or slowly they digest the food they eat. Every living animal has a metabolism, humans do too. It refers to how quic (MORE)

Sentence of metabolism?

Here is a sentence with the word metabolism, "There are certain  enzymes that are essential for metabolism to take place." This is  one of the digestive processes.

What is metabolism?

Answer   The Scientific definition of metabolism is the rate in which the body makes or breaks chemical bonds.   Metabolism is the rate in which one's body burns off a (MORE)
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What is aerobic metabolism?

metabloism that is the presence of oxygen. Aerobic metabolism  include glucose, fatty acids and amino acids are completely broken  down to from carbon dioxide and water to p (MORE)
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What is endergonic metabolism?

Endergonic denotes a process that takes in energy, as opposed to exergonic, which denotes a process that releases energy. So endergonic metabolism would be the stage of metabo (MORE)

What is your metabolism?

Metabolism refers to all the physical and chemical processes in the body that convert or use energy, such as: BreathingCirculating bloodControlling body temperatureContractin (MORE)