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What is your metabolism?

Metabolism refers to all the physical and chemical processes in the body that convert or use energy, such as: BreathingCirculating bloodControlling body temperatureContractin (MORE)

What is metabolic syndrome?

  Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that increase one's risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It affects a large numbe (MORE)

What is Metabolic fitness?

Metabolic fitness is the state of metabolic systems which can be  improved by increased exercise. It is proposed as the ratio between  mitochondrial capacity for substrate u (MORE)

How do you slow your metabolism?

Well I would not recommend it, but eating wrong or irregularly will slow it down.. eating wrong causes other health problems, so that's bad.. usually the more active a person (MORE)

What is a metabollism?

The process by which the substance of plants and animals incidental to life is built up and broken down also: the process by which a substance is handled in the living body.
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How does the metabolism effect you?

It effects your physical appearance greatly: -people with a low metabolism are most likely to be fat or gain weight -people with a high metabolism are most likely to look (MORE)
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What is endergonic metabolism?

Endergonic denotes a process that takes in energy, as opposed to exergonic, which denotes a process that releases energy. So endergonic metabolism would be the stage of metabo (MORE)

What is good metabolism?

good metabolism is achievable trough plenty exercise and good eating habit. if a person has good metabolism, he/she will look healthy, nice skin, doesn't get cold easily, etc
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