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What are metadata?

Metadata are data about data. There are two kinds of metadata: "data about data content", and "data about data containers". Consider a file with a picture. The picture o (MORE)
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What are the disadvantages of metadata?

Some of the major disadvantages of metadata are cost, unreliability, subjectivity, lack of authentication, and lack of interoperability with respect to syntax, semantics, voca (MORE)

What is Metadata in photography?

In digital photography, metadata is the information describing the image and stored with it - either in the same file, or along side it (in a database or in a companion file). (MORE)
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Which file contain metadata?

The source page of your website or blog contains the metadata which can of many types ....some metadata is to verify ownership ... some is for adding relevant keywords for tra (MORE)

What is metadata?

Metadata is the set of information that comes with the files e.g. a file format of a file or a author of a book or a field size. ___________________________________________ (MORE)
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What does mean metadata?

Metadata means data about data. It means to help manage, store and retrieve data. It is similar to the old card catalog system which tells you where a book is and where to fin (MORE)