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What are metamorphic rocks?

Rocks that have undergone a change in mineral structure or composition, without melting, through heat and/or pressure are metamorphic rocks. Examples are slate, anthracite, an (MORE)

What is rock metamorphism?

In geology, it is the process of change that takes place in the physical structure of a rock due to heat and/or pressure. A metamorphic rock is an igneous, sedimentary, or ano (MORE)
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What is metamorphic?

rocks are formed under the surface of the earth from the changethat occurs due to intense heat or pressure.

What is metamorphism?

Metamorphism is the process by which any kind of rock is changed into a metamorphic rock. Metamorphism uses heat and pressure to change the chemistry within a rock. An igneous (MORE)
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How does metamorphism occur?

Metamorphism occurs when the temperature and or pressureenvironment in which a rock exists changes. The mineral assemblagepresent in a rock is stable for any given temperature (MORE)
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What superhero can metamorph?

Depending on what you mean by meta morph (Which basically means to change) a lot of superheros can. One that instantly comes to mind is Metamorpho a DC superhero who can chan (MORE)
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Is contact metamorphism regional metamorphism?

No. Contact metamorphism is caused to the host rock in a zone near to(in contact with) a hot igneous intrusion. Regional metamorphism happens when rocks are taken deep into th (MORE)
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How can a metamorphic rock become metamorphic?

It can undergo more metamorphism, creating a different metamorphic rock, or undergo retrograde metamorphism, which also creates a different metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks (MORE)