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What is a metasearch?

Answer . A web metasearch is a search involving many search engines at once.. example:
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New metasearch engine?

New popular metasearch engine which fetches from MSN, Yahoo, Google and displays results on one screen in multi columns side by side. Supports local an (MORE)

When should you use a metasearch engine?

You should use a metasearch engine if you need more results than you would from a regular search engine. You can also use certain metasearch engines like Ixquick or StartPage (MORE)

When would you use a metasearch engine?

The extraordinary growth of the internet has made it difficult, if not impossible, for search engines to keep up with its immense size and pace. Thus far, the major search eng (MORE)

How is a search engine and a metasearch engine dfferent?

Search engine usually have their own database of sites they craw and list in their database, for example Google, Yahoo, Ask. Meta Search Engines usually do not have their ow (MORE)