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What is metastasis?

Metastasis is the spread of a disease from one organ or part to another non-adjacent organ or part.
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How does metastasis occur?

Metastasis can occur during any type of cancer. It can happen earlyon or not at all. It is the spread of cancer through differentorgans.

What is bone metastasis?

Bone metastasis (plural; metastases) is the formation of cancerous cells inside bone. Bone metastases are usually caused by secondary metastases. It is a complex system that t (MORE)
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What is the term metastasis?

Disease . It refers to the spreading of a disease-causing agent from one major point of focus to either another specific area or a general dispersal. It usually is used to r (MORE)
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How does metastasis kill?

Metastasis is a common word used when referring to cancer. If something is said to have metastisized it means that it is on the move in the body, moving from location to locat (MORE)
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How does metastasis work?

Metastasis is when abnormally function cells spread to different area's of the body. First you need entry into the bloodstream of the lymphatic vessels. First phase is for the (MORE)
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What is prostate metastasis?

Prostate metastasis is when cancer cells in the prostate get into the lymph system and begin to travel to other organs of the body, spreading the cancer.
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What is the concept of metastasis?

development of tumour and its spread secondarily is metastasis. tumour cells can spread through blood and lymph and develop secondary tumours through rapid proliferation
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What is the metastasis of cancer?

Metastatic cancer is cancer that has spread from the place where it first started to another place in the body. A tumor formed by metastatic cancer cells is called a metastati (MORE)