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What is a meteorite?

A meteorite is a natural object originating in outer spacethat survives an impact with the Earth's surface. A meteoroid is a sand to boulder sized particle of debris inth ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about meteorites?

Facts about meteorites include they are pieces of debris that fallinto the Earth's atmosphere. There are over 38,000 recorded meteorfindings on record.
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After you get meteorite what do with it?

What you can do with a meteorite depends on a couple of things. First, how big is it? Second, what is it made of? First, the scientific value; in some cases, scientists can a ( Full Answer )
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Why are there meteorites?

Bolides in space that have either been chipped from other planets or moons by impact or are remnants from the pre-planetary solar system, get caught in Earth's gravitational p ( Full Answer )
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What are meteorites comprised of?

It depends on the type of meteorite: Stony meteorites are composed of Iron and Magnesium silicates. Stony-Iron meteorites are compose of silicates and Iron and Magnesium met ( Full Answer )
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What does a meteorite form from?

Meteorites begin as asteroids, which are loose rock in space formed either from pre-planetary accretion, or from impact with larger bodies such as planets or moons. Asteroids ( Full Answer )
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How fast are meteorites?

Objects (meteors, asteroids) near Earth will usually have a speed between about 10 and 70 km/sec. Pedantic point: They move at exactly the same speed as the Earth, because pa ( Full Answer )
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What is a pallasite meteorite?

A pallasite is a type of stony, iron meteorite. It consists of small sized olivine crystals of peridot quality in an iron-nickel matrix. Coarser metal areas develop Widma ( Full Answer )
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Why are meteorites called meteorites?

This is what the dictionary on Yahoo says about "meteor": ETYMOLOGY: Middle English metheour , atmospheric phenomenon , from Old French meteore , from Medieval Latin ( Full Answer )
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What damages does a meteorite does?

Damage done by a meteorite can vary depending on size. A large enough meteorite could cause large mammals to go extinct, a large meteorite could also leave a giant impact crat ( Full Answer )