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What is haze in meteorology?

Haze is tiny suspended water droplets combined with dust and dirt particles, which reduces horizontal visibility.
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What is divergence in meteorology?

In meteorological terms, divergence occurs when two or more air currents come together, but instead of combining like convergence, they bounce off of each other and go opposit (MORE)
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Where is the national meteorological service located?

The national meteorological service in the US is the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Silver Springs, Maryland.
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What is the study of meteorology?

It is the study of weather to get information and predictions for future weather. It is also the study of the ground. Meteorologists are scientists that study weather, volcano (MORE)

What is meteorological oceanography?

It is the study of marine meteorology. It involves relating ocean processes to the effects it has on the weather and vice versa. For example how the warm oceans can affect wea (MORE)

Why is meteorology called meteorology?

Many people actually find this issue confusing. They named meteorology like that but its nothing about meteors. The word "meteorology" came from the Greek word meteōrologi (MORE)

What is an aviation meteorology?

Aviation meteorology is the meteorology that gives advanced information that are specified on the air and wind behavior at assigned heights. In aviation meteorology emphasis i (MORE)