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Formula of methane?

Molecular formula: CH4 Structural formula: . H H C H . H CH4 (1 carbon and 4 hydrogen) it is NOT ch4 it is CH4; 4 being a subscript indicating 4 hydrogen atoms bon (MORE)

What is in methanal?

Methanal, more commonly known as formaldehyde, is an organic compound with the formula CH2O. It was used for years to preserve deceased biological specimens before it was deis (MORE)

How is methane disposed of?

Due to methane being so unstable it is best kept in a solid frozen state rather than its natural gas state. Disposal of methane has proven to be somewhat difficult, because i (MORE)

Is methane a liquid?

Methane is a gas.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Methane is a gas at normal temperatu (MORE)

Is methane a polymer?

No, Methane is not a polymer. Methane is a monomer. A Polymer consists of monomer units linked together with a series of covalent bonding. One of the best example for polymer (MORE)
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What produces methane?

Methane is produced by humans, cows, monkeys, wolves, lions,  hyenas, sheep, horses, goats, buffalo, pigs, oxen, bears, birds,  camels, zebras, giraffes, and tigers, reptile (MORE)