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Can you breath Methane?

When methane is in the gaseous state, you're physically able to breathe it, but it would be very dangerous for you to do so. Methane can't sustain your life as oxygen does, an (MORE)

Is methane a drug?

No. Methane is a combustible natural gas. Methane can be produced by rotting waste products, Sometimes, animal waste (manure) is used on farms to produce methane which is then (MORE)

What is molecule of methane?

A molecule of methane consists of one carbon atom covalently bonded to four hydrogen atoms around it in a symmetrical tetrahedral shape. Its chemical formula is therefore CH4. (MORE)

Is methane hydrophobic?

yes, CH4 is a non polar covalent bond, which is not affected by the polarity of water molocules
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How is methane dangerous?

It is dangerous because it can replace the oxygen in your lungs and it is odorless resulting in asphyxia.   methane is a harmful gas that if inhaled, it can kill you. :-[
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What is in methanal?

Methanal, more commonly known as formaldehyde, is an organic compound with the formula CH2O. It was used for years to preserve deceased biological specimens before it was deis (MORE)

What is methane ice?

Methane ice is frozen methane.   An ice made of methane (CH4) instead of water (H2O).   The term methane ice could also refer to methane clathrate, which  is an ice c (MORE)