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What is the thematic method?

Thematic learning (often synonym with thematic  instruction) is an instructional method of teaching in which  emphasis is given on choosing a specific theme for teaching one (MORE)

What is turbidometric method?

Turbidimetry (the name being derived from turbidity) is the process of measuring the loss of intensity of transmitted light due to scattering effect particles suspended in it. (MORE)

What is demonstration method?

The demonstration method shows how to do something. It entails the use of actual tools, machines and materials. The steps of the demonstration method are: a. Purposing b. (MORE)
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What is method of nutrition?

there are two method of nutrition. (a)Autotrophic nutrition :in this method of nutrition organism prepare their own food.(b)Hetrotrophic nutrition:in this method organism depe (MORE)

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What are the methods of microfilming?

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Get and post method?

Actually, both are the ways of traveling the data from client machine to server machine.But the difference is that data will travel through GET as a query_string and through P (MORE)
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What are the relaxation methods?

Some things you can try to help you relax: - Think positively. Avoid negative people. - Take deep breaths and let go of bad energy. - Prioritize things in your life. You (MORE)