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Hydrolysis of methyl acetate?

  methyl acetate is also known as methyl ethanoate which is an ester.   hydrolysis of ester will results in carboxylic acid and alcohol.   this is an reversible reac (MORE)

Is methyl hydrophobic?

    methyl is hydrophobic because it is non polar. the c-h bonds have little electronegativity difference I believe.   water is polar, and nonpolar things don't ten (MORE)

What is methyl hydrate?

  Methyl Hydrate is simply another word for Methanol; which is the simplest form of alcohol. By that I mean it has the least atoms in each molecule of all the alcohols - s (MORE)

Equation of methyl iodide to ethane?

2CH 3 -Cl + 2Na --------- Anhdrous ether -------> CH 3 -CH 3 + 2NaCl
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What is original colour of methyl orange?

It is an orange organic solid its concentrated solution is also orange but dilute solution is yellow.
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What is methyl orange?

Methyl Orange is an indicator that is used to indicate the equivilance point of and acid-base titration . In acidic environments, it turns red and in basic environemnts, or (MORE)
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What is methyl paraben?

Methylparaben is an antilfungal that is widely used as a preservative for food, drugs, and cosmetics. The compound is often found in carpules of local anaesthetic, acting as a (MORE)
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What are methyl markers?

Methyl markers are basically things that will turn on or off genes so certain traits will be expressed and some wont, they are supposed to help adapt the fetus to better suit (MORE)