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Why is methyl chloride polar?

Methyl Chloride is sp^3 hybridized so it is tetrahedral, thus giving chlorine a partial negative charge and gives the overall molecule a downward dipole
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Why is methylated spirit not suitable for drinking?

Methylated spirits is primarily methanol - also known as wood alcohol. It is extremely destructive to the optic nerves of people. Ingesting as little as 10mls is enough to cau (MORE)

Hydrolysis of methyl acetate?

  methyl acetate is also known as methyl ethanoate which is an ester.   hydrolysis of ester will results in carboxylic acid and alcohol.   this is an reversible reac (MORE)

What is methyl hydrate?

  Methyl Hydrate is simply another word for Methanol; which is the simplest form of alcohol. By that I mean it has the least atoms in each molecule of all the alcohols - s (MORE)

How does methyl orange work?

Methyl orange changes color at the pH of 4.4 or lower. Its color  change ranges from a yellow to a dark red as the solution tested  becomes more acidic.
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