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Are Greeks meticulous?

Not anymore than any other race of people. :/. Not anymore than any other race of people. :/
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Meticulous in a sentence?

The students who are meticulous about their studies often get the most out of their education.
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Sentence with meticulous?

Sophie was incredibly meticulous about the upkeep of her work area.Her co-workers considered her cleanliness to be unnecessary andmore work than it was worth.
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What is an antonym for meticulously?

\nCarelessly, quickly, superficially, lazily, indolently.... look it up in the dictionary an see the antonym section.
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Is meticulously an adjective?

No, it is not. Meticulously (carefully, painstakingly) is theadverb form of the adjective meticulous .
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What is an meticulous animal?

A meticulous animal is one that work carefully on their task andmakes sure that no detail is left uncovered. Some meticulousanimals are beavers, weaver finches, and pocket gop ( Full Answer )
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Where is meticulously in The Giver?

The word meticulously can be found at the end of the second paragraph of chapter twenty-one. In my book, chapter twenty-one starts on page 163.
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What is the plural for meticulous?

The word meticulous is an adjective (painstaking, detailed) not anoun, so it has no plural.
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Is meticulous a verb?

Meticulous is not a verb, it is an adjective. She spends hours readying herself for a date. Her makeup is perfectly applied, not a hair is out of place, not a wrinkle on her c ( Full Answer )
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What do you use meticulously?

Meticulously is an adverb which describes an activity where precision is important and is often pressurising and stressful. For example: He meticulously organised his DVD ( Full Answer )