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What does the word 'metonymy' mean?

Metonymy is the process of replacing one word with another, closely related word. For example, in the sentence "The orders came from the White House", it can be assumed that (MORE)

For what is sun a metonymy?

Metonomy is a figure of speech closely related to synecdoche. It  replaces something with which it is closely associated. For  example, businesspersons are often referred to (MORE)

What are the examples of metonymy in a sentence?

1. The crown never approved of marriages between royalty and commoners. 2. The White House said today there would be no Easter egg rolling ceremony this year. 3. I need a hand (MORE)

Example of figure of speech metonymy?

Metonymy is where one phrase is substituted for another that is  associated with it. An example is calling a scientist a lab coat,  or referring to an association of bankers (MORE)

Give examples of metonymy sentences?

These are the sentences in metonymy: 1) He is a man of cloth.- which means he belongs to a religious order. 2) He writes with a fine hand.-means he has a good handwriting. 3) (MORE)

Are there any examples of metonymy in architecture?

  Well, architecture is used in a metonymous way frequently... people might say they are going to the capitol when they are actually talking about going to Washington, D (MORE)

Give example of metonymy?

The metonymy is a figure of speech that is used to stand in for  another word. One example of metonymy is this phrase "The pen is  mightier than the sword". The word pen in (MORE)