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What does the phrase per second per second mean?

per second per second is taken with the context of how an object is changing its acceleration. An object accelerates by speeding up or slowing down. If an object speeds up, it (MORE)
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How fast does sound travel in metres per second?

This of coarse all depends on the altitude, the humidity, and the temperature of the air. At Sea level the speed of sound is roughly 344.4 meters per second. Check out the l (MORE)
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What is Per second per second?

"Per second per second" sounds like a speech problem, but in Physics, velocity (or speed) is distance per second. If the velocity (speed) increases, then the acceleration is i (MORE)
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What does per second per second mean?

Per second per second or (/s/s) refers to the rate of acceleration. If you are standing still and you increase your speed at a rate of 5 feet per second per second that means (MORE)
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How much would gabions cost per metre?

60 British Pounds Per Meter Gabions can cost about £5000-£50,000/100m of frontage, plus minor works and maintenance. Go to: (MORE)

How many paving brick are needed per sq metre?

Varies depending on the size of the bricks.    Paving blocks come in various sizes depending on the type of paving.   Standard paving blocks are are of pre cast con (MORE)