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What is Grace Community Church under for Church denomination?

There are probably many Grace Community Churches. One that is a good size and has a presence in the media is in California and has as Senior Pastor John MacArthur. It is bap (MORE)

What was the communal life of the early church?

A: We know very little about the life of the earliest Christians. Luke's Gospel and Acts ofthe Apostles, taken together suggest that the comminity in which they were written p (MORE)

How are churches used in the community?

  A place to worship and be part of a community--many churches organize charitable works and work in the larger community to improve it. Rites of passage--marriage, fune (MORE)

Which colony were the laws of the community the same as those of the Puritan Church?

In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, from 1630 to 1684, the colony was self-governed by laws drawn up by the Massachusetts General Court, which was established under the Massachus (MORE)

Where did the Christ Community Church begin?

There are many churches with the name Christ Community Church. It is a very popular name for a church. Most churches with that name are independent and have their own stories (MORE)