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Is Mexico City called Mexico City or Mexico when in Mexico?

Mexico city its called: Mexico city or DF. DF means Federal District I beg to differ somewhat: It's both. Quite often, Mexicans say just "México" to refer to Mexico Cit (MORE)

New Mexico was connected to Mexico City by?

It is connected to Mexico through the I-25 highway that goes from Albuquerque to Las Cruces. It then reaches El Paso, Texas and from there, to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The Spani (MORE)
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Is The Virus From Mexico City In Mexico?

Update: No. Currently there are more cases of swine flu in other countries - the US, Argentina - that there are in Mexico. Mostly, yes, the swine flu is just in Mexico. Ther (MORE)

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Is Mexico city New Mexico?

No. Mexico City is the capital of the country of Mexico. Some cities within the state of New Mexico include Albuquerque, Roswell, Santa Fe or Las Cruces, but no "Mexico City" (MORE)

Is Mexico city and Mexico the same thing?

No. Mexico is a country (officially known as United Mexican States, but it is usually known as Mexico) and its capital is Mexico City. Both are separate entities.  Now, many (MORE)