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Do mice eat other mice?

  Answer     Yes, they can. Mother mice will sometimes eat their young if they think their young don't have much chance a survival (if the young are sick), if th (MORE)

What does 'Of Mice and Men' have to do with mice?

Someone has probably point out to you that the title comes from Robbie Burns' poem "To a Mouse" (If you haven't read it, it's here: (MORE)

What do mice do?

Mice are sometimes a little 'nocturnal', they sleep quite a while in the day. Mice can be kept as pets and they do lots of playful things and if are kept as a pet like to have (MORE)
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Do you have mice?

Some people like mice and some do not. If your question is aimed at the whole site's user base, it is more likely than not that some of the site's users do own mice. Owning mi (MORE)

Why are mice called mice?

The term, mice, is the plural form of mouse. The word, mouse, is derived from the original Sanskrit word, mus, which is still used today in classification. It meant thief or r (MORE)
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Can a mice sense a mice?

Yes, a mouse can sense another mouse. They can see another mouse.  They can smell another mouse. They can hear another mouse. They can  also taste another mouse.
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