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Who is Leland Chapman?

He is the son of "Duane DOG Chapman". He is a bounty hunter like his father and runs his own bail bonds company. He is the third son of Dog behind Christopher and Duane Lee (MORE)

What does a cinematographer do?

Some dictionaries will say it's the person who operates the camera, but it's really the person responsible for determining how a shot will be captured onto film. S/he works wi (MORE)

What is the starting salary for a cinematographer?

There is no starting salary, per se. The only fixed rates are for union cinematographers, and usually people enter the union as assistants and will not see a cinematographer, (MORE)

What is the Average salary of a cinematographer per year?

In order to answer this question we must first define the term.   The term " cinematographer* " has traditionally meant a film cameraman, and in the recent decade has com (MORE)

What degrees are needed to become a cinematographer?

Answer . Employers usually seek applicants with a good eye, imagination, and creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of how the camera operates. Television, v (MORE)

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