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Was Michael Collins assassinated?

Michael  Collins' Death  Here are opinions on the circumstances of Michael Collins' death:   Read Tom Barry's book Guerilla Days in Ireland. He was the  leader of the we (MORE)

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Who was Michael Collins?

Michael Collins Micheal Collins (1890-1922) was one of the most influencial figures in the Irish rebellion against England, leading to the separation of the Irish Free State. (MORE)

How did Michael Collins die?

Micheal Collins (the big fella) and his convoy were travelling through beal na blathwhen they came upon a road block.on a lane beside the road 3 mEn lay in the ditchand began (MORE)

Did Michael Collins ever step on the moon?

No he did not. After Apollo 11 flight, Collins was offered the  position as backup commander of Apollo 14, which meant he would be  moved to the flight crew for Apollo 17. H (MORE)

What was Michael Collins involved in from 1914-1918?

Getting Ireland it's independence from the british. he signed the 1921 treaty.       between 1914 and 1916 Michael Collins was working in London as a financial trad (MORE)

Did devalara have Collins shot who shot Michael Collins?

That is not known for sure, but is unlikely that it was done by DeValera. It is more likely to have been done by former colleagues who disagreed with Collins. He was shot in h (MORE)

Where was Michael Collins when Armstrong walked on the moon?

Michael Collins waited patiently in the Lunar Module Columbia. He also spent almost half of that time in orbit alone with no communication with anyone. "Columbia" was the Co (MORE)