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Where did buster keaton get his name?

When 'Buster' was 18 months, he fell down a flight of stairs. When reaching the bottom, he showed no sign of pain and Harry Houdini who was over at the time, remarked 'What a (MORE)

Are buster keaton and Micheal keaton related?

No. Michael Keaton's real last name is Douglas (no relation to the actual actor Michael Douglas). He adopted his last name when he realized there was another in the industry w (MORE)
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Why did Michael Keaton stop playing Batman after only two movies?

When art-school overachiever goth Tim Burton left the project- the screenwriters for "Batman Forever" and new director Joel Schumacher decided to lighten things up. While the (MORE)

Are Buster keaton and Diane Keaton related?

No. While they share the same last name, they are not related.  Buster Keaton was born in Piqua, KS in 1895 and died in LA in 1966.  Diane Keaton was born in LA in 1946. The (MORE)
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Is Dianne keaton related to Michael keaton?

Although Diane Keaton's birth name is Diane Hall, "Keaton" is her mother's maiden name. Michael Keaton's birth name is Michael John Douglas, and his mother's maiden name is no (MORE)
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Where does Michael keaton live?

Bozeman, Montana..... he bought property and built a house on his ranch. He lived in a tent until he was ready to find the right spot and which way it would face.

Why was buster keaton so famous?

  Buster Keaton was a popular comedian in the era of silent comedies in the 1920's. His films contain some great stunts and clever visual humor. His brand of humor is know (MORE)