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Who is Michael Perreca?

    Michael Perreca has been a theatre professional for more than 25 years. He served as Other Stages Producer and Producing Director at Barrington Stage Company in Pi (MORE)

Why did Michael Jackson do this is it?

Michael Jackson wanted to do one final tour to say goodbye to his  fans and go out on a high note while he was still able to perform  at his best. He also wanted his childre (MORE)

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Who is Michael Moore?

Michael Moore is a controversial film-maker, who has directed a number of documentaries. Critics claim his films are biased and nothing more than liberal propaganda. Supporter (MORE)

Who is Michael Myers?

He's the killer from the Halloween movies. There is also a famous Canadian comic actor named Michael Myers (most famous for doing the voice of Shrek, and playing Wayne in (MORE)

Who is Michael hermon?

He used to be a superstar basketball player in the Chicago area in the early 1990's. He was very highly regarded, but never really did much with basketball. He played at Hales (MORE)
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Who was Saint Michael?

Saint Michael the Archangel is the leader of God's Army and wasresponsible for removing Satan and his rebelious followers fromHeaven.
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