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Who is the postmaster of Michigan?

There is no Postmaster of Michigan. There are individual city Postmasters and a Postmaster General who is over the entire Postal Service. So, if you are looking for say the Po (MORE)

How did Michigan get its statehood?

Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837, after a two-year struggle over the stretch of land known as the Toledo strip. The territorial governor, Stevens T. Mason, argued t (MORE)

Does Michigan have gophers?

According to the pros at the University of Nebraska who conducted a fairly detailed study on these animals back in the 90's, no, Michigan does not have gophers. That does no (MORE)

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What is the population of Michigan?

According to the US census of 2010, the population of Michigan was 9,883,640. An estimate in late 2011 was 9,876,187 (continuing the decline since 2000). 9.91 million (2014)
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Facts about Michigan?

Michigan became the 26 state in the United States in 1837. The  capital is Lansing and the state contains over 11 thousand islands.

Does Michigan have wolverines?

Michigan does not naturally have wolverines even though The University Of Michigan's athletic name are the Wolverines. However in 1927 the Detroit zoo bought three wolverines (MORE)

Why Michigan is called Michigan?

"Michigan" was named by the French, after the Ojibwe word "mishigama", which means "large water" or "large lake"
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