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Was Abraham a Jew?

Answer 1   Abraham was not a Jew; Jews are descendants of Abraham's great  grandson, Judah. Abraham was a Hebrew--one of the nomadic tribes  wandering that area. Descend (MORE)
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What is the role of Abraham?

A: Whether or not he was a real, historical person, Abraham is a key figure in the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So important, in fact, that all three religion (MORE)

What color was Abraham?

In skin color, he was definitely what's viewed as black as were vast majority, if not all, people who lived during his time. Such things as what's viewed as "tanned", "white", (MORE)

Who were Abrahams wives?

We are told of two wives of Abraham. His first wife was Sarah of whom was born Isaac and is in the line of Jesus. Abraham's second wife was Keturah who bore him six sons. I Ch (MORE)

What is the value of an Abraham Lincoln gold 1 dollar coin?

The one-dollar US Lincoln coin is worth one dollar. It has no  special value as a collectible. Remember ALL US "golden" dollar  coins minted since 2000 are made of brass, no (MORE)

Why was Abraham important?

A: The biblical story of Abraham is an epic tale of a wandering man and his God, who is reported to have promised the land of Canaan to Abraham's successors. Arguably the most (MORE)
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What was 'the Abraham man'?

  One of a group of tramps/vagabonds that used to roam England pretending that they were mad so that they would be able to collect alms/handouts etc.
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What did Abraham have to do with Islam?

If you're a Muslim, Abraham was too, since Islam has always existed and other (non-Muslims) have just fallen away from it. If you're not, then nothing at all, since Abraham li (MORE)

Who was Abraham and his descendants?

Abraham was chosen by God to be the man from whom a new nation would develop. God sent Abraham to Canaan, the land that this new nation would inherit. This new nation would be (MORE)