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What is a microbe?

A microbe is an organism that can be seen using a microscope. Theyinclude fungi, bacteria, viruses, archea and protists. All exceptfungi consist of a single cell, although mic (MORE)
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What are microbes?

Microbes are microscopic organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye, only by using a microscope. Other names for microbes are microorganisms and, when related to infect (MORE)

What can microbes do?

There are both harmful and useful microbes. Harmful microbes like bacteria,virus and fungus can cause diseases while some useful microbes like bacteria can help in fermentatio (MORE)

What do microbes do?

Some microbes can make us ill and give us a cold or upper respiratory viral infection (viruses like Rhinoviruses and coronaviruses), and some can kill us like meningitis and o (MORE)

What are microbes and what do they do?

This is a very large question: microbes are everywhere and have countless uses. Microbes are microscopic cells which have lots of different properties i.e: a nuclease; cell wa (MORE)
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Why do you have microbes?

It is almost impossible not to have microbes living on and inside us. Almost from the moment we're born, bacteria enter our gut and live there for the rest of our lives. The (MORE)

Do you need a microbe to culture microbes?

Yes, because we are not yet able to synthesize them entirely. But, science is making great strides on that front in the second quarter of 2010. A group working with the sci (MORE)
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What has microbes in it?

EVERYTHING! Micro-organisms are almost everywhere you can imagine. Your skin has all kinds of microscopic fungi and bacteria all over it. Within the average person's digest (MORE)
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What is a microbe and what can it do?

a microbe is a small part of bacteria that cant be seen by a human eye its so tiny you would have to use a micro-scope microbes can spread very quickly and easily that's why p (MORE)