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What are the names of microbiologists?

Some of the famous microbiologists include Bruce Edwards Ivins,  Allan Campbell, Federico Uruburu and Félix d'Herelle. These  geniuses are known all over the world for th (MORE)

Why is a microbiologist important?

Microbiologists study life processes that occur on the cellular level. This can mean the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. It can also includ (MORE)

Tools microbiologist use?

  The tools which a microbiologist used are: autoclave, oven use for sterlization, incubation chamber or BOD for incubation of microbes. Glass dishes known as Petri dish f (MORE)
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Who is a famous microbiologist?

Edward Jenner was a famous microbiologist. He livid in 1749-1823 & created the vaccine for smallpox & cowpox in 1796. Althoudh some other answers may say otherwise this answer (MORE)

How much money does a microbiologist earn?

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook:� . Earnings� . Median annual earnings of biochemists and biophysicists were $68,950 in May 2004 (MORE)

What education requirements do you need to be a microbiologist?

Most biological scientists need a Ph.D. degree in biology or one of its subfields to work in research or development positions. A period of postdoctoral work in the laboratory (MORE)

Why is determining colonial morphology useful to a microbiologist?

  The first thing a microbiologist observed in a labotatory culture of microbes is there colony, and by just observing the morphology of colonies any microbe one can disti (MORE)

What is a microbiologist?

Someone who studies microbiology is called a microbiologist. Microbes are bacteria. Typically the discipline is split into industrial microbiology and medical microbiology. T (MORE)