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What is a microbiologist?

Someone who studies microbiology is called a microbiologist. Microbes are bacteria. Typically the discipline is split into industrial microbiology and medical microbiology (MORE)
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What do microbiologists study?

They study the biology of tiny organisms, such as protists bacteria and other single celled organism's Micro = small, biologist = someone who studies biology. 'Scientists w (MORE)
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What do microbiologists do?

The Microbiologist are the ones that study about microbic organisms or the organisms having the size of 10^-6 m. They are not visible by naked eyes. They are grown on culture (MORE)

What are the names of microbiologists?

Some of the famous microbiologists include Bruce Edwards Ivins,Allan Campbell, Federico Uruburu and Félix d'Herelle. Thesegeniuses are known all over the world for thei (MORE)

What microbiologists do?

Microbiologists are biologists who study microscopic organisms.They also study unicellular, which is one cell, multicellular,which is multiple cells and acellular organisms, w (MORE)

What is a veterinary microbiologist?

A microbiologist who deals with the microbes of animals like farm animals or pets etc. is called veterinary microbiologist. In this a microbiologist studies the effect of micr (MORE)

Who is a girl microbiologist?

Simply the women who deals with microbilogy can be a girl microbilogist.. Some of them i know are: Rita Colwell, Martha Howe, Jean Brenchley. Elizabeth Hazen in year 1949 ha (MORE)

Microbiologist a geneticist?

In a broad sense, microbiologist is not a geneticist allthough a microbilogist studied the genetics or genes and their characterstics but the main concerened of a microbilogis (MORE)
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What is microbiologists?

The branch of biology dealing with the structure, function, uses, and modes of existence of microscopic organisms is microbiologists.
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Who is a famous microbiologist?

Edward Jenner was a famous microbiologist. He livid in 1749-1823 & created the vaccine for smallpox & cowpox in 1796. Althoudh some other answers may say otherwise this answer (MORE)