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What is a microcomputer specialist?

Microcomputer specialist is responsible for identifying problem inmicrocomputer software and hardware. Microcomputer specialistdetermines which software is necessary for the d (MORE)
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What is microcomputer?

microcomputer is a type of computer that we use in industry,home schooland universcity/collage/.such as laptop ,etc.
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What are microcomputers?

A computer whose central processor unit is a microprocessor is known as a microcomputer. A microprocessor is typically one single IC integrating the entire central processor, (MORE)
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What is the cost of microcomputer?

Microcomputers, otherwise known as netbooks, can cost as much as seven hundred dollars or cost as little as one hundred dollars. This variance in cost is because some netbooks (MORE)
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Who invented the microcomputer?

This is usually credited to Ted Hoff for the Int e l 4004. However a secret military microcomputer for the F-14 fighter predates his work by roughly 3 years. It was not decl (MORE)
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Functions of microcomputer?

A microcomputer can have core capabilities or functions. The firstabilities are the related computation and storage of data. Thesecond core is being able to access, then conve (MORE)
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What is a reprogrammable microcomputer?

Computing device made up of one or moremicroprocessors, stored program memory ROM, RAM, I/O logic, and itcan be reprogrammed through special SW
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What is the size of microcomputer?

Various sizes of micro computers . EPIC (Express) 165 × 115 . ESM 149 × 71 . Nano-ITX 120 × 120 . COM Express 125 × 95 . ESMexpress 125 × 95 . E (MORE)
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What is the heart of microcomputer?

The microprocessor is the heart of any normal computer, whether it is a desktop machine, a server or a laptop.
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What is the definition of a microcomputer?

The definition of a microcomputer is a computer that works in scale that is lesser than the traditional desktop machine. A microcomputer will contain all of the integral worki (MORE)