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What is a microcomputer specialist?

Microcomputer specialist is responsible for identifying problem in  microcomputer software and hardware. Microcomputer specialist  determines which software is necessary for (MORE)

What are microcomputers?

A computer whose central processor unit is a microprocessor is known as a microcomputer. A microprocessor is typically one single IC integrating the entire central processor, (MORE)

Who invented the microcomputer?

This is usually credited to Ted Hoff for the Intel 4004. However a secret military microcomputer for the F-14 fighter predates his work by roughly 3 years. It was not declass (MORE)

What is the size of microcomputer?

Various sizes of micro computers EPIC (Express) 165 × 115ESM 149 × 71Nano-ITX 120 × 120COM Express 125 × 95ESMexpress 125 × 95ETX/XTX 114 × 95Pico-ITX 100 × 72PC/104 ( (MORE)