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What are examples of microcomputers?

Desktop computers,video game consoles, laptop, etc. are the examples of micro computer. Just about any computer that you can sit on your desk as a self-contained unit is in th (MORE)

How big is a microcomputer?

The microprocessor that implements the computer architecture is typically a chip of silicon about a half inch square. However to make the complete computer one needs additiona (MORE)

What are microcomputers?

A computer whose central processor unit is a microprocessor is known as a microcomputer. A microprocessor is typically one single IC integrating the entire central processor, (MORE)

Characteristics of microcomputer?

• Those are cheaper and slower computers with significant computing power. • Such computers basically use Intel Chipsets. • They are mostly single processor sys (MORE)

What are the uses of microcomputer?

\n. \n "What are the uses of microcomputer?" answers\nby EMI IYALLA (student, informatics Singapore)\nthese systems have evolved to what we now know as the pc. since the (MORE)
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What are the uses of microcomputers?

That depends on what you consider a micro computer, small electronic devices could be considered micro computers, like GPS. If you mean a very small computer, than mostly comm (MORE)
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Who is the father of microcomputer?

Canadian Mers Kutt is credited with creating the first microcomputer, the MCM-70. Although it was previously another computer credited with being the first, which is inaccurat (MORE)