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Which is smaller a deciliter or a microliter?

Microliter . A microliter is one millionth of a liter (1,000,000 microliters = 1 liter). A deciliter is one tenth of a liter (10 deciliters = 1 liter). So a microliter is (MORE)

When was the microlite aircraft invented?

Although the exact date has not been established, aircrafts similarin structure to microlight planes were created towards thebeginning of the 20th Century. Modern microlight a (MORE)
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Can mcL be used as the symbol for microliters?

No. If you cannot type the greek letter mu, you have 2options. Copy and paste it from the internet, or type ul. If youhave microsoft word, type m, highlight it and change the (MORE)

100 microliter equals mililiter?

To convert a microlitre value to millilitres, you have to divide by 1000. This is because there are 1000 microlitres in a millilitre. 100 microlitres / 1000 is 0.1 millilitres (MORE)

How many microliters are in 25mL?

There are 1000 microlitres in a millilitre. Here, youmultiply by 1000. 25x1000 will give you 25,000 microlitres.