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What is micron gold?

Answer . Micron Gold is very fine gold particles. My experience with it is with mining bentonite where we found very small gold particles mixed in with the bentonite. We c (MORE)

What is the acronym for microns?

This term is technically no longer used in mathematics. It is the same thing as a micrometer equivalent to 10*-6. It's acronym or symbol is the greek symbol μ (pronounced M (MORE)
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Symbol for micron?

μ (Greek small letter Mu) - should really be μm (micrometer (0.001 mm)) as it is a measure of distance. Not an approved SI unit.

What is micron and mesh?

A micron is a micrometer, or one millionth of a meter (1/1,000,000 meters, or 1 x 10 -6 meters). Mesh is a term used for a "screen" or "net" of some kind made of interlacing (MORE)

What are microns in water?

Wet Microns! A Micron is a commonly used, but theoretically defunct way of say a millionth of a metre or micrometre (The spelling is meter or micrometer in the U.S.). So askin (MORE)

What is 10 microns?

Micron is the unofficial name for a micrometer. A micrometre (or micrometer ) is by definition 1×10 −6 of a metre (SI Standard prefix "micro" = 10 −6 ); that (MORE)