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What are microorganisms and why are they important?

Microorganisms and microscopic organisms. They are important to  biodiversity because they act as decomposers in ecosystems that  nutrient recycle and they also play an impo (MORE)

Advantages of microorganism?

1.They decompose waste materials and make the environment clean. 2.They are used to convert milk into curd and cheese. 3.Some microbes like rizhobium , blue-green algae et (MORE)
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When was a microorganism discovered?

The existence of microscopic organisms was discovered during the period "1665-83" by two Fellows of The Royal Society, Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.
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Importance of microorganism?

The importance of micro-organisms is that they are have an integral  role in the environment and are vital to humans. They are known to  help in various functions like the n (MORE)

Is yeast a microorganism?

Yes. Yeast is a microorganism because a cell of it is too small to be seen by the un-aided eye. A microscope is needed to look at it.It is also a fungi. Essentially yeast is a (MORE)

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Microorganism in yogurt?

  Lactobacilli is the microorganism in yoghurt. It respires producing lactic acid which allows the milk to thicken producing yoghurt.   Lactobacilli is the microorganis (MORE)
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Is a virus a microorganism?

Viruses are very different from the most microorganisms and they  are classified as microbes.
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What is a microorganism?

A microorganism is a small, typically single-celled organism, such  as a bacterium, virus, fungus, or algae, that is small enough to  require a microscope to observe it.
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What do microorganisms do to the body?

Microorganisms that are part of the body's normal flora play  many roles in the body some of them are still undefined, but here  are a few examples of what microorganims do: (MORE)