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What is the function of a microphone?

A microphone is "an instrument capable of transforming sound waves into changes in electric currents or voltage, used in recording or transmitting sound." Basically, it recor (MORE)

How do you turn on your microphone?

Press the PS button in the middle of your PS3 controller, go to "Accessories," then to "Manage Mic." Be sure to register your microphone while you press the power button.
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What does the microphone do?

A microphone is a transducer - meaning it converts sound in a physical space into electrical energy displayed by a waveform. A speaker does the opposite: It converts electric (MORE)

What earphones have a microphone in them?

All Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, like Bose and others, have a monitoring microphone in them. Any insert earphone is actually a tiny microphone used in reverse. Nacre Qu (MORE)
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What can a microphone do?

A microphone takes sounds and turns them into electrical pulses  that are then passed down a cable. The speaker receives the  impulses and turns them back into a sound that (MORE)