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Where to buy microphones?

So many places, shops everywhere and you also can buy them on line.  There are so many on line stores that sell microphone,such as (MORE)

What is microphone mesh for?

It is dual purpose, it protects the internal components of the microphone and also helps prevent "hard" sounds that degrade the quality of recording. Examples would be a har (MORE)
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What is a diaphragm in the microphone?

  An other word for diaphragm is membrane.   A microphone is a device that converts mechanical pressure waves or sound in air into electrical voltage waves. Speaking in (MORE)

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What is a velocity microphone?

  A velocity microphone is a sensor whose electric output depends on the velocity of the air particles that form a sound wave . Examples are a hot-wire microphone and a ri (MORE)

How does a microphone work?

A microphone is a device that converts acoustical pressure waves (or sound, which is mechanical energy) into electrical energy or signals. All microphones have a diaphragm, me (MORE)

What earphones have a microphone in them?

All Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, like Bose and others, have a monitoring microphone in them. Any insert earphone is actually a tiny microphone used in reverse. Nacre Qu (MORE)