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Are bedbugs microscopic?

No. Their sizes can range to just slightly larger than the tip of a ball point pen to nearly a quarter inch in length.

Which microscope has a better resolution a light microscope or a electron microscope?

An electron microscope is capable of much higher resolution and greater magnification than a light microscope. Short Answer: Electron microscopes have much better resolution (MORE)

What is a microscope?

A microscope is a scientific instrument which magnifies objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Microscopes come in two varieties - electron microscope (EM) an (MORE)
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What is microscopic?

There are tons of things that are microscopic, such as bacteria, viruses and cells. Anything too small to see with the human eye would be considered "microscopic."
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What are the microscope?

Microscope - device used to view objects which are too small to see  or explore with your eye alone. Compound - when a scope has a  minimum to two magnifying lenses. Binocul (MORE)

What do microscopes do?

Microscope(s) magnify or enlarge images of structures that are too small to see with your eyes.
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Who uses microscope?

Microscopes magnify objects not normally visible to the human eye. A number of professions in the fields of biology, chemistry, zoology, criminal justice, medicine and more us (MORE)

Where is the diaphragm on the microscope?

  Diaphragm in microscope is kind of shutter which can be used to adjust the ammount of light intensity.   It is prresent just above the condensor which is known as Abb (MORE)