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What does Microsoft do?

Microsoft mainly makes operating systems--Microsoft Windows. They also make some software like Internet Explorer, Windows Live Essentials, Silverlight, etc. They also make som (MORE)

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What is Microsoft?

Microsoft is software created by Windows, founded by Bill Gates. It is the dominant force in software design and manufactured today for business and home users. Some Microsoft (MORE)

Why is Microsoft?

The real question should be is; "Why is MicroNOTsoft?" Simple, because nobody loved it when it was a baby. Ain't it a sad story?
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What is Microsoft about?

microsoft is an operating computer soft ware manufacturer which makes billions of pounds worth on programs and computers such as xbox
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Where is Microsoft?

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation  headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures,  licenses, supports and sells computer sof (MORE)

If there was no Microsoft?

My guess is that Apple would be the most popular computer company and Mac OS would be the most popular operating system. But then again, there might not be the computers we ha (MORE)

What is Microsoft for?

Microsoft is a software company founded by Bill Gates. Bill and his friends started out as programs and did it all the time when they were kids. The company eventually grew bi (MORE)

What was Microsoft?

Microsoft is a large software company responsible for such things as Windows, Office, XBox, MS-DOS, and software monopoly abuse.
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Where can you get Microsoft?

I believe you are asking how to get "Windows" not "Microsoft" so you can get it either from the microsoft website, or you can get it illegally from the internet using what is (MORE)