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Who was King Midas?

Answer . King Midas was a foolish king. He came across a little man asleep in his turned out to be a servant of god Dionysus so as Midas was cunning looked after (MORE)

Why is the slogan for midas you use the midas touch?

Because in Greek mythology King Midas of Phrygia wished to Apollo( the god of the sun ) to be given the gift of a golden touch. His wish was granted but to his own dismay he s (MORE)
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Did king midas have children?

Midas, and his gold-=gifted superpower are fictional myths. in one variant of the myth he did have a daughter- who was inadvertently Gold-Ized wich brought about Midas implori (MORE)
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What is Midas II?

The Midas II showed when a missile has been sent from anywhere in the world.
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Who was midas family?

His father was Gordius, his mother was Kybele, and his daughter wasMarigold who he later killed by turning her into gold.