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Is Jose Midas marquez married?

Jose Midas has a wife Liezl Sarmiento, the youngest child of a prominent surgeon and an accomplished anaesthesiologist, have two children, Galo, 11, and Maia, 10.

What does it mean to have Midas ears?

  It usually refers to the spreading of a secret. The term comes from the story of the King of Midas who had long ears, he usually covered his ears so no one would disco (MORE)

What is the moral to the fable King Midas?

The moral of the fable King Midas is to never help someone because  of money or gold. You must help them because you want to with your  heart.
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What did midas learn in the story king midas and the golden wish?

There are two things he learned: "All that glitters isn't gold" and "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it".
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Who was King Midas?

Answer   King Midas was a foolish king. He came across a little man asleep in his turned out to be a servant of god Dionysus so as Midas was cunning looked afte (MORE)

Why is the slogan for midas you use the midas touch?

Because in Greek mythology King Midas of Phrygia wished to Apollo( the god of the sun ) to be given the gift of a golden touch. His wish was granted but to his own dismay he s (MORE)

What is the origin of Midas touch?

The midas touch is the "golden touch". In mythology, King Midas was found and brought back to health a satyr who had passed out in his gardens. After returning the satyr to th (MORE)