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What was the common age for marriage in the Middle Ages?

Answer14 was the common age for marriage during the middle ages.    AnswerA common age for marriage in the times for which we have records was about 25. The common wisdo (MORE)

When and what were the Middle Ages?

Middle ages started in 410 AD with the fall of Rome and ended in the 1400's with the age of exploration. It was a 1,000 years of "darkness" and superstition. Run by the Church (MORE)

What was the middle class like in the Middle Ages?

1st Answer:    Middle class is a modern idea and the term really started after WW2  when the men came home from the war and had the GI bill to go to  school, open bus (MORE)

What age is middle age?

In North America the average age that people attain is about 80 years. Middle age is therefor about 30 to 50. It was a joke on the old "Sanford and Son" TV show that the suppo (MORE)

What did they call the middle class in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, the concept of classes was very strong, but the term did not yet exist. There was a middle class, but it did not have a name, beyond being called commone (MORE)

Why did the middle class rise in the Middle Ages?

The middle class was a group of people who were not of noble families, were not land owners, but also were not clergy and not farmers or laborers. Among them were shop owners, (MORE)

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Why were the middle ages the dark ages?

The Middle Ages and the Dark Age are not the same thing.The term  Dark Age is refers to a period from the 5th to 11th centuries. A  common set of dates used for the period i (MORE)