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What does middle class mean?

Back in the day like 1700's there were three classes of socierty,  gentry being the highest middle class in the middle (obviously) and  indentured servants. Their were also (MORE)

What was the middle class like in the Middle Ages?

1st Answer:    Middle class is a modern idea and the term really started after WW2  when the men came home from the war and had the GI bill to go to  school, open bus (MORE)

What class was a sailor in the middle ages?

Peasant, but there were very few sailors since very few ships traded. It isn't until the late 1400's that trade and exploring began.
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What did they call the middle class in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, the concept of classes was very strong, but the term did not yet exist. There was a middle class, but it did not have a name, beyond being called commone (MORE)

Why did the middle class rise in the Middle Ages?

The middle class was a group of people who were not of noble families, were not land owners, but also were not clergy and not farmers or laborers. Among them were shop owners, (MORE)

What are the three classes of the middle ages?

One three part class system divides people into these: the nobility, who protect all the clergy, who save the souls of all the peasants, who feed all (the bulk of the popu (MORE)

Importance of the rise of the middle class?

In general terms, the importance of the rise of the middle class in  Europe may be ranked as one of the decisive developments in the  entirety of European -- and even World (MORE)