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What did Karl Marx call the middle class?

Marx called the middle class "petty bourgeoisie" or "petty capitalists." Marx largely ignored the middle class since he saw society as being divided into owners and controlle (MORE)

What was the middle class like in the Middle Ages?

1st Answer:    Middle class is a modern idea and the term really started after WW2  when the men came home from the war and had the GI bill to go to  school, open bus (MORE)

Is middle class one word?

In some rare cases, writers have used it hyphenated as a noun, middle-class, but this is considered non-standard. While it should properly be hyphenated as an adjective (mid (MORE)

What did they call the middle class in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, the concept of classes was very strong, but the term did not yet exist. There was a middle class, but it did not have a name, beyond being called commone (MORE)

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Who is the middle class in ancient China?

The middle class were merchants, artisans, and generally everyone who is educated but not educated enough to be employed in the government. These are usually urban dwellers, l (MORE)
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How many Americans are in the middle class?

There are roughly 151 million workers in America. Of that number, about 1/2 are considered "middle class" (75,000,000ish). Of that number, 16 million of them belong to a labor (MORE)

Why did the middle class rise in the Middle Ages?

The middle class was a group of people who were not of noble families, were not land owners, but also were not clergy and not farmers or laborers. Among them were shop owners, (MORE)

Were farmers in the middle class?

In general, farmers were not in the middle class. We have to be careful on this because during the middle ages and later, there were farmers referred to as wealthy farmers. Th (MORE)