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What was the history of the English language in the Middle Ages?

In the book Mother Tongue author Bill Bryson writes "In the country inns of a small corner of northern Germany you can sometimes hear people talking in what sounds eerily like (MORE)

How did the English language evolve during the middle ages?

At the beginning of the Middle Ages, Old English was a language that had a typically Germanic grammar and vocabulary. During the Middle Ages, the most important thing that hap (MORE)

What is the difference between Old English Middle English and Modern English literature?

Old English, also known as Anglo-Saxon, was the language spoken in England from the Germanic invasions in the 5th century until the twelfth century. To a modern reader it look (MORE)

What distinguishes old English from middle English and modern English?

Old English (up to about 1200) has an exclusively Germanic vocabulary, complex declension systems, a completely separate set of pronouns for two people as opposed to one or th (MORE)

English words with j in the middle?

 adjective  dejected  project  reject  conjecture  eject  ejection  objection  objective  abject  subject   object    rejoin    majorette    sojo (MORE)

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What were English markets like in the middle ages?

Villages in general did not have their own market, but most villages were located within a day round trip of a town that did. These towns could vary in size greatly. The small (MORE)