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What is middleware?

Middleware acts as an intermediary between two different computerapplications. A good example is software that is leased for thePlayStation 2 that does some of the work for th ( Full Answer )
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Which are the large middleware software company in the world?

Answer . Number 1 in terms of revenue is IBM with its Websphere and MQSeries brands . Number 2 is Oracle (BEA). Other players on the market are: SUN (JBoss, probably par ( Full Answer )
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Who is Middleware hosting provider?

It is a powerful integration tool that increases your productions, If you started your organization so you need a website after then you have to host your website. Check here ( Full Answer )
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What the various types of middleware?

Types of middleware Message-oriented Middleware Message-oriented middleware is middleware where transactions or event notifications are delivered between disparate syst ( Full Answer )
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How does a middleware work?

Middleware is a software used for integration between multiple applications. Mostly communication data is passed through and from in the form of XML packets. By Ijaz Haider M ( Full Answer )
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Where is middleware?

Middleware, so-called because it includes components of both hardware and software, exists in many forms in high tech equipment and systems.
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What are the advantages of middleware?

A typical middleware provides Application high availability solutions, Security, Transaction management facility, Database connectivity,naming services & many more. It reduces ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages and disadvantages in middleware?

Advantages of middleware: Real time information access among systems Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency Maintains information integrity a ( Full Answer )
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What is MOM middleware?

MOM is a middleware communication mechanism that provides applications with a way to establish a communication dialog using non-real-time (asynchronous) connectionless techniq ( Full Answer )
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What is one definition for middleware?

There are a number of definitions for the term "middleware." One such definition is that middleware refers to a type of computer software that bridges the gap between applicat ( Full Answer )