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Where do you get midi files for synthesia?

Look through the post in the related links, it may have some of the songs you want. Otherwise, search Google: [Song Name] MIDI. Usually the first link. You can try professi (MORE)

What is MIDI?

  midi (stands for "musical instrument digital interface"and pronounced " middy")       Answer   Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It basically allo (MORE)

What is the difference between a mp3 file and a midi file?

  An mp3 file is a recording. A midi file is a set of data which a synthesizer uses to recreate a specific piece. Almost sounds like the same thing doesnt it? Let me t (MORE)

How do you convert mp3 files to midi files?

Short answer is you cant. Think of an mp3 as a recorded act of music, and a midi as a piece of sheet music. The only way to convert would be to listen to the mp3, and create a (MORE)

Can you convert a midi 0 file to midi 1 file?

Commercial MIDI Files are generally saved as a  merged (single track) Format 0 file, where all MIDI channels are  merged into a single track. To edit the MIDI File, it is pr (MORE)

How do you change mp3 files to midi files?

Note: I have duplicated in part my own answer to a similar question asked about converting AAC files to MIDI Files. MIDI Files can be converted into an MP3 file but an MP3 f (MORE)

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