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Where do you get midi files for synthesia?

Look through the post in the related links, it may have some of the songs you want. Otherwise, search Google: [Song Name] MIDI. Usually the first link. You can try professi (MORE)

When midi was invented?

MIDI was invented in 1983 by a consortium of synth manufacturers including Dave Smith of Sequential Circuits, Yamaha, Roland, Oberheim and Korg.
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What is the difference between midi 0 and midi 1?

A Format 0 file (Midi 0) contains a single track and represents a  single song performance. Format 1 (Midi 1) may contain any number  of tracks, enabling preservation of the (MORE)

What is MIDI recording?

Recording MIDI involves using a MIDI controller (keyboard, keytar, drums, flute) in conjunction with a MIDI sequencer to create a MIDI file. This MIDI data contains all of the (MORE)

What does midi interface do?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and allows you to connect any electronic instrument to your computer so that using software, such as Logic or Reason, you (MORE)

Why do they call the south of France midi?

It was named by the government without any thought to historical  provinces inside the area. Midi means midday and in France, the sun  is in the South during Midday,which is (MORE)

Can you convert a midi 0 file to midi 1 file?

Commercial MIDI Files are generally saved as a  merged (single track) Format 0 file, where all MIDI channels are  merged into a single track. To edit the MIDI File, it is pr (MORE)

What is MIDI means?

MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.   MIDI is a technical standard that describes a protocol, digital  interface and connectors that allows a wide var (MORE)