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What is the homophone for mien?

mane as in hair around a male lion's neck. main as in main idea. Maine as in the State of Maine
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What is a homophone for mien?

Maine - the US state. main - as in Flour and sugar are the main ingredients in cookies and cakes.. mane - long, heavy hair growing from the neck of an animal
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If a man can see the sipirte what it miens?

It means that you have someone trying to reach out to you... The present is there because it belongs, not realising that you can see... You maybe gifted depending on whether y (MORE)
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How do you spell miens?

The spelling "mien" means demeanor, so "miens" could be moods, or attitudes. The likely word, however, is means (the ability or resources needed). There is also the tra (MORE)
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What do tien an mien means in English?

Tiananmen or Tian'anmen ( : 天安门 ; : (MORE)
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What is the miening of unscramble?

The meaning of unscramble is to switch letters around to make a word, or make multiple words. Take MEETELN for example. If you switch the letters around you will get the word (MORE)
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What is mien by carrier frequency?

High range of frequency that carries the message signals in transmission of data.after receiving the signals, the detector seperate the message and carrier .
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What has the author Mien Sugandhi written?

Mien Sugandhi has written: 'Laporan akhir masa jabatan Menteri Negara Urusan Peranan Wanita pada Kabinet Pembangunan VI tahun 1993-1998' -- subject(s): Women, Government pol (MORE)