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What is the contribution of Miguel Lopez De Legazpi?

Also known as El Adelantaeo and El Viejo, Miguel Lopez de  Legazpi was a Spanish navigator who crossed the Pacific Ocean from  New Spain in modern-day Mexico, and founded Ce (MORE)

Sino si miguel Lopez de legazpi?

Si Adelanto Miguel Lopez de Legazpi ay kasapi sa Ayuntamiento sa lungsod ng Mexico na namuno sa ekspedisyon ipinadala ni haring Felipa II
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What are facts about miguel de cervantes?

  1. He lost his left arm at the battle of Lepanto. 2. He died on the same day as William Shakespeare. 3. He wrote 20 different plays but only two plays survived. 4. (MORE)

Did miguel Lopez de legazpi expedition succeed?

Since none of the expedition after Magellan from Loaisa to Villalobos had succeeded in taking over the Philippines, King Charles I stopped sending colonizers to the Islands. H (MORE)

What is the Route of Miguel López de Legazpi's expedition?

  Legazpi's route was magellan's route.....well it was modied a little   from spain he went to Mexico then proceeded using magellan's route
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