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Why was Mikhail Romanov elected in 1613?

In short, Mikhail Romanov was elected due to the lack of a better alternative candidate. The Russian people had undergone the Time of Troubles and the Polish occupation of M (MORE)
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How many children did Mikhail Baryshnikov have?

Mikhail Baryshnikov is married with former ballerina Lisa Rinehaert. The couple has 3 children together. Peter, Anna and Sofia-Luisa. Baryshnikov has a fourth child, alexandra (MORE)

Where does mikhail gorbachev live today?

Mikhail Gorbachev, a former statesman of the USSR, was born March  2nd, 1931 into a family of Ukrainian-Russian ethnicity. He is best  remembered for his role as the last le (MORE)
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Who was Mikhail Gorbachev?

A Soviet leader who called for a closer relationship with the United States, economic reform, and a more open society. apex
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Where does Mikhail Gorbachev live?

Raisa's death, after several years of ill-health, left Gorbachev bereft. He lives in Moscow, has not remarried and finds solace with his daughter and grand-daughters. He would (MORE)

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