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What is a 'project milestone'?

it is a definable, recognizable point in a projects time line.. E.G completion of "stage one" would be a milestone.. taken from the idea of stones used as way point indicators (MORE)

What is a milestone?

A milestone is one of a series of posts marked out at regular  intervals, or an important period of time in a person's life.
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What are milestones?

Milestones are stages in a project at which something is completed. The first milestone is typically "the Design is complete". Further milestones would include:The prototype i (MORE)

What is milestone chart?

A Milestone Chart is a Project Control Chart that graphically depicts key events along a timescale, usually with triangles representing each event. It can depict a single eve (MORE)

What is an antonym for milestone?

I assume you are referring to the use of the term in relationship to goals and projects and not the original description of a stone marking off miles on a road. While it is no (MORE)
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Where is the last milestone?

If you don't have it yet, a frog will be jumping in the second volcano. It is on the left side. If you are doing the Easy challenge, the frog will be hiding in the FIRST vol (MORE)
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What does milestone means?

The English word "milestone" can mean a specific marker on the side of a road to indicate each mile. The term can also mean a turning point or an important event.
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What is the purpose of milestones?

to trigger monitoring and controlling process To triggerthe invoicing of clients To initiate the closing of a project orphase