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What is a 'project milestone'?

it is a definable, recognizable point in a projects time line.. E.G completion of "stage one" would be a milestone.. taken from the idea of stones used as way point indicators ( Full Answer )
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What is a milestone?

A milestone is one of a series of posts marked out at regularintervals, or an important period of time in a person's life.
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What are milestones?

Milestones are stages in a project at which something is completed. The first milestone is typically "the Design is complete". Further milestones would include: . The proto ( Full Answer )
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What is milestone chart?

A Milestone Chart is a Project Control Chart that graphically depicts key events along a timescale, usually with triangles representing each event. It can depict a single ( Full Answer )
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What is a sobriety milestone?

Sobriety milestone is a significant date such as 1 year, 1 month of being sober. Its kind of like an aniversery
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What is the synonym of milestone?

Swaz hw cn u forget even i remember vch milestone he is gonna achieve after 3 dayz..Owaz@ there will be surely another big bash
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What is an antonym for milestone?

I assume you are referring to the use of the term in relationship to goals and projects and not the original description of a stone marking off miles on a road. While it is no ( Full Answer )
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Where is the last milestone?

If you don't have it yet, a frog will be jumping in the second volcano. It is on the left side. If you are doing the Easy challenge, the frog will be hiding in the FIRST vo ( Full Answer )
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What does milestone means?

The English word "milestone" can mean a specific marker on the side of a road to indicate each mile. The term can also mean a turning point or an important event.
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What is the purpose of milestones?

to trigger monitoring and controlling process To triggerthe invoicing of clients To initiate the closing of a project orphase