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What does militant mean?

A militant is usually used to describe someone who fights for abelief or a cause, usually in extreme ways. Violence, physicalforce, and aggressive actions are all militant act (MORE)
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What is a militant?

Being a Militant, says that you are an aggressor in order to achieve your aims. Politically if you are a Militant (in the UK) you are sought to be Left Wing, However the co (MORE)

What is militant catholicism?

The members of the Catholic Church are divided into three groups: the Church Militant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Triumphant. The Church Suffering are the decease (MORE)

What are militant Palestinians?

Well that can refer to many things but that would be Palestinians that usually live in areas affected by Israel such as the territories of Gaza and the West Bank and these peo (MORE)
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What is a hostile militant?

im not 100% accrate and wont give you a real wikipedia style answor. Im only 13 and im working on my gcse in English im learning the same things in poetry. A hostile militan (MORE)

What is militant atheism?

'Militant atheism' is a term used to describe atheists who actively criticize organized religion. They claim that religion is the cause of many of the major problems we face t (MORE)

What is a Militant Agnostic?

A "militant agnostic" is a person who insists that the knowledge of the existence or non-existence of a god is and always will be an unanswerable question. This differs from a (MORE)

What is militancy in literature?

In literature there may often occur situations of aggressively active persons engaging in verbal combats and feuds such as in the matter of differing political view points. Th (MORE)

What is a militant midget?

A militant miget tries to make up for his small stature by beingoutwardly aggressive in order to boost his ego. May resort towearing fatigues, wearing tight shirts, etc...