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What influences fashion?

 There are lot of influences on fashion   Sociological - a more conservative society would not allow you to  wear skirts.   Environmental - you cannot wear nylon in (MORE)

How do celebrities influence fashion?

Celebs are idols. In society today a lot of girls and guys look up to them so when they wear clothes to any kind of event, then the clothes they're wearing seem "in" and cool (MORE)

How do movies influence fashion?

They don't! Fashion is a thing were only if your comfterable with it, it is yoour fashion. The stars may wear the coolest outfits but only because they need to look good for H (MORE)

Does fashion influence people?

  Yes, fashion does influence people. It influences people to be creative and don't be afraid to take risk because it doesn't matter what people think of you as long as yo (MORE)
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What factor that influence fashion?

The fashion weeks sets fashion trends. The most influential fashion week is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Celebs just copy them; that's why I think the celebs be (MORE)

What are the influence of fashion icons?

Fashion icons are a great influence for those that want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Charles Fredrick Worth is considered the father of houte couture and if it (MORE)

The influence of fashion in teenagers?

teenagers are highly influenced by fashion.we often try to go according to the trend,may be in terms of clothes or accessories.often new things attracts us.we try to buy the l (MORE)